Carts and Wagons

I began building carts partly because of my interest in woodworking and partly because I wanted to build a better cart for competition. Each cart/wagon I have built has been a labor of love and not a "production line" operation. I will work with anyone interested in either recreational or competitive drafting to build a cart that fits their dog and meets their needs. Custom specification are not a problem. Some examples of the types of carts and wagons I have built are shown below (click on a photo for a detailed description). If you are interested in purchasing a cart or wagon, you can contact me at

all-weather cart

Excellent for training or
novice draft work

Competition Cart

Sturdy, well balanced with many
choices of colors and finishes

4 Wheel Wagon

Great for pulling larger loads

Will customize to suit your needs

Want Something REALLY different?

Use your imagination to come
up with unique concept