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Drafting or carting are terms used to describe the activity of harnessing your dog to some type of vehicle and having them pull it. The vehicle can be a simple two-wheel cart, a four-wheel wagon, a sled or even a vehicle you ride in! The important thing is that this can be a very enjoyable and rewarding activity for both you and your dog. You can practice and train in your yard or a nearby park and simply enjoy working with your dog and enjoying their companionship. If you want to do more, you can decorate your drafting vehicle and enter local parades or you can even earn drafting titles given by various national breed clubs such as the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America.

The type of drafting that you do needs to match the capabilities of your breed of dog. Some breeds work better at faster speeds or longer distances while other breeds are more suited to heavier loads at slower speeds. Bernese Mountain Dogs are part of a group known as "Working Dogs". These dogs have been used for centuries to assist their masters in their daily chores and they typically like to be active. Some of the larger, more sturdily built dogs such as the Newfoundland and the Bernese Mountain Dog are frequently used to haul substantial loads. These dogs have deep, wide chests and strong hindquarters that make them very suitable for pulling carts or wagons at moderate speeds.