Drafting Links
The following is a small collection of links I have found useful ...
  Internet Resources  
  http://www.cartingwithyourdog.com/ HUGE number of links and resources
  http://www.bmdca.org/pages/drafting.htm BMDCA drafting regulations
  http://users.erols.com/gr8rswis/IntroCarting.htm Nice introduction to carting
  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Carting-L Online discussion group for drafting enthusiasts
Product Sales
  http://www.dogworks.com/ Harnesses, carts, wagons & more
  http://www.nordkyn.com/ Harnesses, carts, wagons & more
  http://www.ikonoutfitters.com/ Harnesses plus other drafting apparatus
Other Resources
  Book: Newfoundland Draft Work (available from Dog Works or Nordkyn Outfitters)
  Video: An Introduction to Canine Carting with Beth Ostrander (available from Dog Works)